What are The Signs of Pest Infestation

What are The Signs of Pest Infestation

Do you have pest infestation in your house? Or the pests are becoming a major headaches for you everyday? Early intervention is the only key when you are dealing with pest infestation. But pest control is somewhere impossible for you to be aware of the pest infestation at your home and to ensure a proper intervention. 

Check The Below Article Where The Most Common Signs of Pest Infestation are Described:

Pest Dropping

This is one of the main signs of pest infestation. You can check your home for the fecal dropping or urine trails. You can easily spot the rat and mice waste but this is too difficult to spot. In that case, a thorough examination is necessary. You can also examine all of the bedding, furniture ,floors etc. 

 Physical Damage Structure

Another sign of pest infestation is physical damage of the house like holes and gnaw marks. The gnaw marks on furniture is a huge and red flag. The pest can enter to the house with these small holes. If you have expensive furniture and outdoor wooden decks at your home, then keep an eye on them. If there is unnecessary property damage , then don’t hesitate to call a professional. 

Odd Smells and Sounds

Pests in the house leave some unrecognizable smell. Expert says that the bed bug keeps a sweet and musty odor. Mice give off musty urine smell while the rat leaves like ammonia. The roaches leave the smell like fecal soy sauce. Try to control the scent of garbage as it can attract more pests in the house. Keep your ear out for discovering the hidden rat and mice from your house as they love to hide behind floorboards or wall. 

Holes and Gnaw Marks

The walls and floor with small holes are the sign of possible infestation. Apart from that, if there is burrow in the garbage area and weedy area, this is also a sign of pet infestation. The rats love to make gnaws on things,so if you see little gnaw marks, then this can be another sign. The rat may also destroy your electrical wires by chewing it up. 

Damaged Plants

Pets not only damage the inside of your home, but also it brings damage for the outside part of your house. The gnaw marks or other damage to the plant may also indicate a red alert of pest infestation and that means you need immediate pest control in Frankston. If you see that your grasses are uneven or dead, or it has brown patches then this is the sign that the pests have done it. 

Nesting Signs

Signs of nesting in your house? Be sure that your house has pets. The rodents basically build nests in some areas where they have taken their residence. These nests can be found in almost every area like shredded paper, fabric scrap,grass clippings etc. You can also find their nests in areas like attic, crawl spaces or underneath the flooring. Now, you know about the common pest infestation in your house. If you notice one of these above mentioned in your house, don’t hesitate to call a pest control professional to get rid of it. Remember, waiting for a long time even after seeing the warning sign may worsen the problem more.