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Catch Up To Our Rodent Control Frankston And Get Doorstep Services 

Pest Control Frankston is Frankstons’ leading and most trusted  rodent control company as a service provider for both commercial and residential spaces. And this all because of the experience and expertise skills we have in this industry. Our Rodent Control Frankston team of experts know what their customers look or want when they book our rodent treatment.

In fact, our professionals are highly trained expertly and perform all the rat removal processes they are talented at. In addition to this, our Frankston experts are capable of tailoring a method on the spot immediately after inspection. So, if you are in search of ‘rodent control near me’, check out our chemical free pest control for rats and mice. Call right away on 03 4050 7737.

Different Types Of Rodents You Can See In Frankston

  • Squirrels: Just in Frankston, you’ll find 3 types of squirrels like–Flying, Tree and Ground squirrels. And the main culprits of home infestations are tree squirrels, which have a bushy tail as its signature. 
  • Roof Rats: Roof rats are also called fruit rats, house rats or black rats and are smaller than many other rats. In general, they likely live on rooftops of a building or attic. 
  • House Mouse: House mice are common invasives of Frankston homes, which appear light brown in colour. Although they are very small in size, they can create havoc to your place, be it damage to your home or rapid breeding. 
  • Chipmunks: Chipmunks are chubby cheeked, twitchy tailed rodents, which have black stripes on their body. These types of rodents are very common in Frankston and aggressively gnaw on electrical wires and chew on home flooring. 

Merits Any Customers Can Get On Grabbing Our Rodent Control Services Across Frankston

  • Eco-friendly: With the products we use for rodent control and rodent removal, there is no environmental impact. Moreover, our eco-friendly solutions give you long-lasting results which sustain for many long years. 
  • On-Time Service: In the training period itself, after recruiting a new batch of experts, we incorporate them by always providing in-time service for each and every client. 
  • Available 24 Hours For Bookings: Currently, we are one the top most leading companies for bookings and form filling 24 hours a including weekends throughout the year. So, contact our help center for emergency bookings! 
  • Affordable Prices: With the affordable prices we put forward for rodent treatments, we make sure all our clients grab this opportunity and enjoy the extra benefits. Call Us Today! 

Top-Grade Rodent Control Services In Frankston 

Rodent Inspection And Removal Service

Rats swimming around in your pool when that is the place for your relaxment on weekends? Take our help to get rid of them right away. In fact, we are a complete solution for the best rat removal and pest control for rats as we have an effective rat exterminators team. Also, rat’s teeth never stop growing, so before they start chewing your belongings, get rid of them with our rat control. 

Domestic Rodent Control Service

Despite being small in size, mice can eat between 15 to 20 times a day ! So, planning to grab them and throw them away in faraway places by yourself? Please don’t, they may bite you in defense. Then what to do? Dial on our number for professional rodent removal and especially roof rat removal. 

Restaurant Rodent Control Service

Mice are like daredevils, because they have poor sight but are great at other aspects like smelling, touching and hearing to get around easily. So, they don’t feel down about poor sight but wholly rely on other aspects. Therefore, to stop these daredevils moving around your restaurant, call for our mice catcher for perfect mice control and mice treatment. 

Pre-purchase Rodent Inspection Service

Rats are one of the sociable creatures among rodents or any other nuisance creating pests and can occupy any place with other pests. Also, they can quickly breed one time for three weeks and can literally give birth to 6 to 10 pups at once ! Therefore, now itself you have to think you have to plan for hiring experts if you see rats around your place. 

Emergency Rodent Control Service

Mice and rats can spread or transmit over 35 diseases and carry along many more pathogens that can actually affect pets and humans. Now, after hearing this, you think that getting rid of rodents as soon as possible is better for saving heath, right? Indeed, it is. As a result, to get rid of this concern from your mind, we came up with pest control for rats and mice

Same Day Rodent Control Service

Want help for preventing mice from spreading a wide range of diseases and damaging your business? We got commercial mice control only for residents in and around Frankston. You also have doubts about having rats at your place as you can smell weird odours from your basement? The reason may be that there are dead rats in there. Therefore, contact us to also grab our dead rat removal. 

Make Your Home Rodent-Free With Our Local Experts!

Have a rat, mouse or any other rodent problem? Scratching noises, rat droppings, smears and burrows everywhere around your house? These are the major signs of rodent infestations at your place. So, now what you need to do is only one thing, that is to ask for our rodent pest control services and hire our rodent exterminator. From mice catcher, to mouse exterminator and rat exterminator, all our experts are locals of the Frankston area. Therefore, if you want rodent removal services, call for hiring our local “Frankston Knowledgeable” experts. 


  • Are your rodent control Frankston service providers verified or licensed? 

Our rodent control Frankston service providers are not only verified, but also certified and licensed.

Can you list out the common signs to confirm there are rodents at my Frankston home?

  1. Chewed electrical wires
  2. Holes in food packs
  3. Crawling noises in basement 
  4. Urine stains and droppings at the back of cabinets, on floors along the walls, etc
  • What measures can I take to make rodents stay away from my place? 

Here are few tips: 

  1. Trim shrubs and trees in lawn
  2. Set sticky traps around rodents common visiting places 
  3. Remove their habitats 
  4. Make sure to fill all the wall cracks and holes