Possum Control Frankston

Careful Possum Removal With Fully Licensed Possum Catchers

Pest control Frankston is the simplest way to find and book for possum removal near me and connect with the best possum trappers in your area. Having possums around your home is disadvantageous because they create a lot of problems for you. So, for this reason itself, you can hire our affordable service and their skilled experts for eminent possum pest control throughout Frankston, Victoria. 

For possum control Frankston, what we do is basic check about the number of possums around the place be it residential or commercial one. After that, we quickly analyse the complexity and degree of issue; at which we need to catch and remove them in a single attempt. Therefore, the average costs we charge for one home service is different from others, but they are definitely pocket-friendly. Hence, we look forward to hearing from you on 03 4050 7737

Variety Of Possums In And Across Frankston 

  • Common Ringtail Possum: These species of possums grow from 30 to 35 cm in length and weigh from 550 to 1100 gms; mostly love to devour flowers, fruits and rosebuds. Mostly, prefer to live in dense bush eucalyptus forests and build nests on tree branches and occasionally in tree hollows.
  • Striped Possum: Striped possums are one of the striking, noisy and erratically running species, which moves between trees. They are strong, smell musty in odour and generally feed on insects of eight orders. 
  • Honey Possum: One of the tiny possum species are honey possums, which are also otherwise called noolbenger. With a 1.8 cm long tongue, these possums feed on flower nectar by dipping the tongue deep into the flower. 
  • Leadbeater’s Possum: Leadbeater’s possums are one of the native mammals you find in Frankston, Victoria, which are non-gliding, primitive and relict. In addition to this, they are small as well as speedy and feed on sweet nectar and insects.

Benefits You Get As A Frankston Resident For Possum Removal

  • Hassle Free Bookings: We are always available for bookings and form filling despite the emergency and same day services. Do grab our get-to-go service on a single call over the year, Anytime Of The Day. 
  • Deliver Timely Service: Setting timelines and deadlines is what our possum control Frankston providers aim to do as their job and fulfill it at any cost. Ensure In-Time Service Delivery ! 
  • Efficient Local Experts: All our Frankston local experts came together to form a united native team and avail of whatever possum service your home needs. Right On Their Way To Your Home At Just Single Call! 
  • Offer Cheap Rates: We allow our customers to ask for our service rates, if that’s what concerns them before asking for our help. Also, Give You Every Detail About Service You Get Once You Decide To Book Us

Catch Our Possum Removal Frankston Services

Domestic Possum Removal Service

What do you think is the “possum favourite place” in your home? Probably attics, because people never disturb them in those places. So, if possible, call for our possum catchers help as it is easy to catch possum mothers and babies with hands. And once we catch babies, catching mother possums would be more easy. 

Same Day Possum Removal Service

What are the signs you can look for confirming there are possums in your place? Simply look out for damages in eaves, gutters, soffits, rips, etc. Also, there are few indoor common signs like– noises from attics. So, if what you are looking for is what we can avail, grab our same day possum control service now. 

Possum Inspection And Removal Service

Trapping and catching  are the only possible solutions as we cannot kill them as per the law. Therefore, this is the reason we have only experts like possum catchers and possum trappers for our customers’ aid. But, if you don’t find one around your Frankston home, you can contact us. 

Restaurant Possum Removal Service

Restaurant kitchens are always a possum pantry once there are no occupants moving around continuously and leave the place at night too. Now, this is the situation we don’t want your restaurant’s kitchen to be placed in and came up with the best possum control. So, don’t let possums make a den at your kitchen corners and call for our possum pest control. 

Emergency Possum Removal Service

Our possum removal Frankston experts will declare it as an emergency once they are at your home and get to know that possums may threaten you. In fact, the need for emergency possum removal service is also because of the diseases they spread to humans and pets. Hence, for cases like this, our experts quickly reach your location. 

Pre-purchase Possum Inspection Service

In general, possums take their homes as roof corners and abandoned rodent borrows to live in and fill in with small papers and leaves. Apart from roofs, possums also try to invade ceilings of unoccupied houses. Therefore, once before purchasing a new house, try hiring our experts to remove possum from roof and dead possum removal. 

Possum Removal With Biopesticides Is Always Possible With Us 

With lots of possum pest control methods, possum removal service becomes easier if you hire Possum Removal Frankston team experts. This is because we genuinely want our customers home to be free of possum and don’t want them to suffer from possum attacks all the time.

As a result, we provide various possum removal services like dead possum removal too on utilising biopesticides; eco-friendly solutions. In fact, with these solutions in use, it not only gets rid of possums, but also gives your homey environment a pleasant smell. 


What is attracting possums to enter my Frankston home? 

  • Uncovered garbage and compost piles
  • Fruits fallen from trees 
  • Pet food, be it if cats or dogs 
  • If there are barbecue grills which are unclean
  • Leftover outdoor food 

How to prevent possums?

  • Secure your garage bins with lid
  • Store pet food properly
  • Do not leave rotten food on ground 
  • Make sure to pick up vegetables and fruits once after they ripe 

Do possums pose danger to humans? 

No, they do not. But, once you disturb them, they become defensive and attack you in return.