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Moths feed on fabrics and are not a major health risk to humans. Some species of the moth can destroy your flowers and herbs in the house garden. If you need professional moth control help, then you can seek moth control from our experts. Our team for Moth Control Frankston have effective moth removal solutions to get rid of the moths. Our methods involve the proper treatment which will eliminate the moths. The experts at Pest control Frankston will help you in saving your wardrobe and expensive clothes from getting damaged by these insects. We are capable of handling all your moth control problems with an experienced team of professionals who will understand the infestation for proper treatment.

Why Is There A  Need For Moth Control?

Moths feed on the fabrics. There are different kinds of moths, so they can cause major damage to your clothes. They are very particular in eating clothes, and prefer to eat only the clothes made from an animal made fibres, wool and silk are such fabrics. They target stored grains and food items. The moths can be hiding in any corner of the house. Moreover, they can also be carriers of various germs and pathogens. So, you need moth control because that will save you and your things from moths. 

Some Essential Tips To Control Moths

The given tips will help you in controlling the moths:

1. The cold temperature

Moths eggs and larvae find it difficult to survive in the cold weather. Put the affected cloth item in an airtight bag and then in the freezer for 24 hours. Go through the label of the clothes first.

2. Cleaning all cupboards and wardrobes by using vinegar and water

Vinegar has natural cleaning properties and acid is harmful to moths. It is a good solution for moth control. 

3. Regular vacuuming

You can remove the eggs and larvae with this method. Keep checking the areas that can have moths. 

4. Buying a natural moth spray

Buy a natural moth killing spray from the market. You can spray this for stopping them after the initial signs.

5. Contact a pest control expert nearby

A professional from Pest Control Frankston will help you in resolving this issue of moth removal. We will not only use effective techniques but will also eradicate the moths permanently.

Services We Offer To Kill And Control Moths For Our Clients In Frankston

✔ Residential Moth Control 

Pest control Frankston will offer you good value and reliable residential moth control services. Controlling moths in residential areas is a very difficult process but we will make it easy for you.

✔ Commercial Moth control

Call our Commercial moth exterminator who holds excellent experience in moth control. They will understand your requirements first and then will help you in controlling moths with effective commercial Moth control methods. 

✔ Pre-purchase Moth inspection

We give insured services for Pre-purchase Moth inspection. We will also take care in managing your belongings and possessions while we work. We are experienced and will take useful plans before treating the moths.

✔ Emergency Moth control service 

 For any emergency moth control need, hire our dedicated and intelligent moth exterminator. They will utilize your valuable time and will look after all your problems.

✔ Same day Moth control

Get our same day moth control under the guidance of experts. The friendly staff of our company will solve all your problems on the same day after contacting us.

✔  End of lease moth control

Your clothes are more valuable and important. We will eliminate all the moths around you to provide you with the best of the end of lease control services. We also offer carpet moth extermination services.

Indications that show the presence of the moths

1. Holes in your clothes and fabric

Your beautiful clothes are an enemy of the moths. They will chew the fabrics and will make ugly holes in them.

2. Holes in packed food products

If there are packaged food items in your home, then these areas are at the greatest risk of moth infestation. The highest risk is for nuts, grains, flour and cereal. These moths are pantry moths.

3. Eggs

One more obvious sign of moth infestation is finding eggs. The soft, undisturbed fabrics are the safest places for the moths to hatch. The eggs are white. It is impossible to find their eggs without a deep cleaning.

Need Dead Moth Removal Experts, We Can Help In Dandenong

Pest Control Frankston is an experienced provider of dead moth removal. Our team will also provide you with a guesstimate that will prepare you for the prices of moth control services by our team for Moth Control Frankston. We are very simple to hire. We will use the best methods and will present you instant results for removing the moths immediately.

Why Trust Us For Controlling Moths In Dandenong?

We have built our trust as a pest control company in Dandenong and that has been built on the following cause:  

  • Dedication for our customers: We treat our clients as members of our family. We show an interest in you and your problems. We will suggest the best-suited options for winter moth control.
  • Knowledgeable teams: Our team for Moth Control Frankston will give you high-quality knowledge care for your clothes. We also try on top of the latest advanced techniques for the use of codling moth control.
  • Honesty: We make our customers our partners in our moth control programs. We will feel the pride to answer all your queries and clear all your doubts with honesty and satisfying answers.
  • Affordable treatment plans: Our cabbage moth control and moth caterpillar control treatments are not expensive. We strongly believe that all our customers must receive the treatments that they need for the moth control. We work efficiently and closely with our customers to achieve the goals of moth control.


Q. Which tool is required to treat moths? Where can I get it?

The very basic tool that you need is an outdoor light source. It will attract the moths to a surface. The source of the light can be a porch light on a wall. The light over the front door of your house can also be your moth removal setup.

Q. Will kids hate Moths?

Kids love moths for many reasons. Moths are very gentle and not harmful. Kids love holding them in their hands. They will also learn about the beauty and variety of moths by observing them closely.

Q. What can I spray to keep moths away?

Cedar Scented Spray is used for quick, immediate protection. It kills on contact not only moths, carpet beetles and silverfish but many other flying and crawling insects.